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Name That Color

Name That Color is an irritating yet an addictive game developed on Adobe Phonegap platform (the game is programmed in JavaScript)

About The Game

Name That Color is developed by Adnan Ahmed Abbasi (founder and CEO, Adoistic Apps), this game is one of the most lightweight game available for mobile phones. 

In this game Name of different colours keep on appearing in various colours on top of screen, on the bottom the name of colours are written in normal fonts.

The moment a name of colour appear on the top of screen you have to tap on the name at bottom which corresponds to the colour of word on the top.

Remember you have to tap on the name of colour at bottom with the colour of the word not name of the colour, one wrong tap or delay in tapping and the game is over.

The fun continues till you keep on hitting the right colour, make one wrong tap and you are out…Also remember that there's a time limit too! Their are four difficulty levels available too, click on test button to check out our game (it's under construction).

This Game will blow your mind


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